Diesel Line Company sell spare parts for diesel fuel systems Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens VDO. Owing to recurrent stock replenishment and continual product-line extension, you can always purchase the necessary spare part straight from the source at the best price. We offer spare parts for passenger cars and auto-trucks, agricultural, building and quarry machinery vehicles as well as for various diesel assemblies.

Constantly in stock available:

  • Injectors and injection pumps, unit injectors (UI) and assembled pump sections;
  • Fuel pump spares: plunger and barrel assembles, delivery valves, regulators, bearings and shafts, seal repair kits, etc.;
  • Inlector parts: nozzles, valve sets (multipliers), seal washers and rubber rings, bolts and cases of injectors, adjusting washers and springs;
  • Pressure regulators and sensors, pressure limiting valves for fuel pumps and rails;
  • Gear pumps and spare parts for them;